Strategic Product Sourcing

Strategic Product Sourcing

We specialize in sourcing of products like Fasteners (Hot & Cold Forged), Precision Brass parts, Metal Components, Castings, Forged parts, Auto Components, Rolling Stock & Locomotive Engine Spare parts and Aluminium Extruded Profiles.

We have spent many years building a highly reliable network of Quality Suppliers. One of our advantages is that many of our key suppliers have worked closely with us for more than 10 years. Our Pan India supplier network guarantees speedy order fulfilment and supply chain flexibility. We have a highly trained inspection and auditing team who ensure that all sourced products are from approved & audited sources only.

We truly understand our customer’s business. Getting to know the buyer’s organisation, product applications and requirement in terms of products, quality, certification, logistics, supply chain and packaging is a priority. We know that buyers are always looking for cost saving possibilities. We collaborate easily with customer’s internal procurement team and create excellent results through team work and open dialogue.


How We Work

We have complete understanding of production and manufacturing processes. Based on the product details such as drawings, specifications, test standards and projected quantities received from our customer, we contact both new suppliers and those we have worked with before for quotations. If the submitted bids prove attractive then the purchasing team of our customer assesses the conditions positively. The received bids are compared and potential cost savings are calculated based on the details of the RFQ, allowing the purchasing team to make a substantiated decision. If the decision is in favour of a new supplier, then our sourcing team does a quality audit which is necessary to prove that a supplier can meet high standards established by us and our customers.

It is also our job to ensure that the parts are obtained at the best possible prices, that the specified quality standards are met and they are available to our customers when they are needed, while keeping their inventory levels to minimum.