Rolling Stock, Locomotives & Locomotive Engine Spare Parts

Rolling Stock, Locomotives & Locomotive Engine Spare Parts

Freight & Passenger Locomotives

  • Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives
  • Diesel Electric Locomotives
  • Electric Locomotives
  • Battery Operated Locomotives
  • Joy Trains

Rolling Stock

  • Locomotive Brake Systems
  • Freight Cars (Wagons)
  • Loco Shell
  • Cast & Fabricated Bogies for Freight Wagons
  • Crossings
  • Rail cum Road Vehicle, OHE Tower Wagons, OHE Tower Cars
  • Bogie Frame Assembly for Locomotives & Coaches
  • Large Fixtures & Welding Positioners
  • Package Air Conditioners for Passenger Coaches & Driver Cabs
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Rolling Stock Equipment
  • Signalling

New & Reconditioned Locomotives Components

Accessory Racks Couplers Power Assemblies
Air Brake Draft  Gear Radiator
Air Compressor Emergency Valve Sanitation Systems
Air Dryer Engines Speed Indicator
After Cooler Equipment Rack Special AC & DC Motors
Angle Cock Event Recorder Traction Motors
Aux Gens Fuel Monitioring System Traction Alternators
Bell Journal Boxes Truck
Control Stands Main Generators Vent Valve
Cooling System Pneumatic Horn Wheel Set

Spare Parts for EMD (Electro Motive Diesel), Alco (American Locomotive Corporation ) & GE (General Electric) Diesel Engines

  • Pistons, Piston rings, Wrist pins
  • Gaskets, Metalic “O” Rings & Oil Seals
  • Kit gasket of turbocharger, Piston cooling pump, Over speed trip housing, Camshaft drive housing
  • Cylinder Head & liners, Valve lever assemblies and sub-assemblies, Inlet & exhaust valves, Spring seat and Valve locks
  • Turbo Super charger and spares including inlet & outer castings
  • Water pump, Lube oil pump, Fuel pump & Spares, Blowers and Crank cast Exhausters
  • Air compressor, Vaccum exhausters, Expressor & Spares
  • Starters, Motors, Convertors of various types and size
  • Bearings & Bushes
  • Oil coolers
  • Pinion & Gears
  • Exhaust manifolds, Bellows & Couplings
  • Camshaft assemblies & Cam segments